My journey

Five years ago, my husband came home and was so excited to tell me about this "paleo diet" he found online. He thought it would help him lose the 40+ pounds he'd put on since we met. (He was right - it did!) I thought he was crazy until I started seeing his results - at that point I hopped on the bandwagon too, and that was the start of a major lifestyle switch for both of us! 

Within a few months of our diet transition, my migraines disappeared! Since that transition I've gone from taking 8+ prescription medicines a day to taking one. (I'm working on getting off of that one) My DH then discovered Crossfit, which was an amazing shift for us. I did more than I ever thought I was capable of. I discovered I love lifting heavy weights! 

We lead a more active lifestyle now, with much of recreation revolving hiking, backpacking, canoeing, etcetera. We no longer eat as strictly, but we still focus on eating whole foods and avoiding artificial and processed anything. 

This year, I decided it was past time that I focus on what our bodies are exposed to externally, instead of just focusing on what we consumed internally. I did lots of research online and started transitioning my personal care products to all natural products, and attempted going no-poo. In March, after lots of research, I started integrating essential oils into our lifestyle, and I am so glad I did!! 

In this blog, I hope to capture some of the ways I have transitioned our household away from commercial cleaning products, cosmetics, etcetera, and towards a more natural routine. My body is much happier with this switch and I hope yours will be too!